Mini Tech Conference, 14th July 2018, Party Bunker

Game Industry Talks
13:00-13:30The Path Of The TankSviatoslav Kucheruk, Senior Web Developer, Wargaming.netCurios how MMO games work? I will let you take a quick look under the hood of World of Tanks game. World of Tanks is a world famous title and it is very popular in post soviet countries and Eastern Europe. I’m software engineer at Wargaming company and involved in client-server development. So I know how things work and will share some knowledge with you.
13:30-14:00The Journey of a Game Developer, Journey of Re:LegendDC Gan, Founder, Magnus GameWhat it takes to be a game developer, feasibility, challenges and is Malaysia a great place to start. How Magnus Games Studio started and how they developed the global title Re:Legend.
14:00-14:30Cellar Vault Games: Char koay teow in a candy shop.Benny & Eshan, Producer & Game Asset Artist, Cellar Vault GamesMaking games is at best not a straightforward pursuit; you’ve got to consider who you’re making the game for and try to reconcile that with what kind of game you actually want to make. Throw in managing a team and finding ways to make certain things work in a game engine, and the process becomes predictably more complicated. Furthermore, in a market that’s more concerned with shorter digestible games that run on smartphones, deciding to produce a game with a much more serious pace that runs on PC is a less-than-common course to take. So that’s just what Cellar Vault Games decided to do.
Benny and Eshan (two of the four developers part Cellar Vault Games) relate the process of deciding to and continuing to work on The Plight (a first-person horror experience), The Long Road Ahead (a short creepy-pasta style game) and their learning experiences along the way.
14:30-15:00Developing Games with Google TechnologiesNazrul Kamaruddin, Consultant, StartupKami VenturesGoogle provides a comprehensive set of developer tools, services & platforms for you to build world class games for your users. Learn about the developer toolkit that is ready for you to get started.
15:00-15:30Writing in the Gaming IndustryAdlai “Percy” Makhaza, Writer, EveryGoodGames NetworkWriting takes many forms in the Gaming Industry. From scripted masterpieces, to game reviews, to journalistic pieces, the world of gaming offers a lot of opportunities for aspiring writers.
Tech Experience Talks
15:30-16:00How to be Good First Person Shooter in Catching Your Tech DreamJohar Jaafar, Founder, Next Wonder House AsiaEveryone has their dream but how it start is different. IT (Information Technology). Its a big word that represent progressive, modernise and technology. Either its involving to do specific technology or broad. Things Games, Commerce and others. Are part of the ecosystem. To venture into technology, or any other field that you want. Passion, Grit, Consistent, Willingness and Self Driven is the main traits one should have. You may heard about this but hows your condition right now? Some may success, and some don’t. Maybe you didn’t have guidance or someone that know how to start career or journey in IT. Thus, it is my responsibility to spread the news.
16:30-17:00Making Money With Open Source SoftwareIzhar Firdaus, Head of Data Engineering, ABYRESThe tech world will not be what it is today if not because of Open Source software. They are openly available, with liberal licensing terms, and most importantly majority are free of cost. But how does the creators of Open Source companies make money and sustain themselves?. Izhar will be breaking down the mystery behind Open Source business and how you can also make money from Open Source softwares.

Hackathon, 14th-15th July 2018, Party Bunker

Register For Hackathon Terms and Condition

Theme: Gamification of web/mobile application OR computer / console / mobile game
Prize: RM800 for winning team, and potential job opportunity* by the following companies:

14th July 2018
09:00-09:30Hackathon Registration
09:30-10:00Hackathon Briefing
10:00-18:00Hackathon Commences
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15th July 2018
09:30-15:00Hackathon Resumes
15:00Hackathon Ends
15:30-17:00Hackathon Presentation & Judging
18:30-19:00Hackathon Winner Announcement